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Digital Video Fridge Magnet

digital-video-fridge-magnetThe sticky note for the fridge door has now had an upgrade. It’s now time for the digital video fridge magnet that allows you to store up to 30 seconds of video in it’s memory for leaving messages for others at home.

To get it to work you just look in to the camera, hit a button and record your message. Messages that could be stored are things like where the dinner is, or letting others know the dog has been taken for a walk etc… [Read more…]

Inside Sony’s new DSLR Cameras

Sony-Aplha-DSLR-Image-SensorSome interesting images of the new Sony Aplha range of DSLR cameras have been shown over at PC Mag. The images show how the new Live View features work and what actually goes on inside the camera to make it work.

The A500/550 will also feature an advanced version of “Live View” shooting , using your LCD as a viewfinder. Most cameras that offer “Live View” can’t offer the fast phase-detection auto-focusing system that is in use when using the optical viewfinder. This is because “phase detection” auto-focus works by using a transparent mirror that reflects light from the lens downward and upward. Light goes downward to a small sensor that performs auto-focus, and the upward to provide the same image to the optical view finder so you can see what you’re shooting.

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Vodafone launching 14.4Mbps Service

vodafone-14-Mb-broadbandVodafone are launching a new mobile broadband service in the UK that potentially could see speeds of up to 14.4Mbps. The service is starting in the larger cities such as London, Birmingham and Liverpool.

Although it sounds great getting 14.4Mbps over the air, in reality it probably won’t happen for a while. Speeds that customers can expect to see vary from 1Mbps to 4Mbps with a potential 10.8Mbps being possible in the “perfect” conditions. [Read more…]

LG 15-Inch OLED TV Coming Soon

LG-15-inch-OLEDLG are launching their new 15-inch AM OLED TV over in Korea in November. We should see it arrive over here sometime in 2010. The thin LG TV uses active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AM-OLED) to function. This material provides better picture quality, uses less power than traditional LCD TV’s and are a lot thinner due to no backlight being needed for it to run.

Due to high prices we haven’t seen much appart from the Sony XEL-1 that still costs $2500 even though it has been out for over a year. If more manufactures make use of the AMOLED materials it should lower the cost. [Read more…]

Canon EOS 7D

Caon-eos-7dUpdate: Canon EOS 7D Now available at Amazon. Some pictures have leaked of the new Canon DSLR digital camera called the EOS 7D. The Canon EOS 7D is an 18 megapixel camera that has HD video, a digital level, a 3 inch screen and dual DIGIC 4 processors.

ISO can run from 100 – 6400 with a 12800 mode. The viewfinder also shows 100% coverage too. As well as the leaked poster and box shown above and below, the DSLR also gets 2 new lenses that are 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 and an 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6. [Read more…]

Sony Alpha A850, A550 and A500 DSLRs Launch

sony_alpha_850_dslrSony has released information on 3 new digital SLR cameras in the Alpha range of cameras. The first is the A850 that has a 24.6 megapixel sensor. This camera is full-frame and has a new 28-75mm F2.8 lens. It shares a number of features from the flagship a900 camera but this one will cost less at less than $2000 for the body.

‘Sony is bringing the benefits of a full-frame digital SLR camera to a broader group of consumers, said Kristen Elder, director of AMC business unit in the Digital Imaging Division at Sony Electronics. ‘The α850 strengthens Sony’s alpha DSLR line, which now offers models in each step from high-end professional down to the amateur enthusiast.

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The Only Picture Taking Night Vision Monocular

Night-Vision-Monocular-CameraThis monocular is capable of night vision. Not only that, it’s also capable of capturing pictures too and storing them in memory.

The night vision aspect of the monocular is capable of amplifying ambient light by up to 10000 times which rivals military style devices. The device also auto adjusts the settings depending on how much light is available so that you always get a nice clear image. [Read more…]

Sharp NetWalker PC-Z1 with 5 Inch Display

sharp_netwalker_pc-z1_netbookThe NetWalker built by Sharp is another netbook sized device that is completely on opposite sites of the scale to the spacebook we just mentioned. This tiny netbook has just a 5 inch display, has 512MB of RAM and runs an 800MGz Arm Cortex-A8 processor.

The device is ultra-compact due to it’s small screen and dimensions of 161 x 109 x 20-25 mm and a weight of just 410g. Battery life see’s this netbook powered for about 10 hours. [Read more…]

gScreen Dual Screen Spacebook

500x_gscreengScreen have released real photos of their Spacebook dual screened laptop. This laptop has 2 15.4 inch screens although the first released versions will have 2 x 16″ or 2 x 17″ displays built in. When folded up, one of the screens slides behind the other with a unique sliding mechanism.

“We designed this knowing that many may not need the extra screen at all times,” Gordon told me. But when you do use both screens you’ll get about 30-inches of screen space. GScreen plans to release dual 13-inch models at some point.

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Nokia N900 Runs Linux

nokia-n900-linuxNokia have revealed details of their latest phone. It is called the Nokia N900 and rather than the traditional Symbian OS that they always run they have made a smart move and installed Linux on to this one. By switching to something decent like Nokia, they now have come up with a worthy contender to other smartphones.

The phone runs the Mameo version of Linux and due to this it can offer a closer to desktop type operating system that’s easier to work, more compatible with daily used applications and a good all-rounder. [Read more…]

XM SkyDock iPhone Satellite Radio Receiver

skydockIf you prefer more than listening to just song from iTunes on your iPhone then this device could work for you. It is called the XM SkyDock and what this gadget does is allow you to receive satellite radio by converting your phone in to a Sirius XM radio tuner.

The SkyDock is a dock that you connect your iPhone to. Once connected you load up an iPhone app that gives you full access to the Sirius XM lineup. Previous apps omit several key stations. [Read more…]

Mysterious Android MID – Rockchip Concept

rockchip_android_midEarlier this week we thought that the Wallet MID was the mystery Android device. However, it turns out that this is not the case and in fact, the mystery Android device is actually a concept device built by Rockchip.

Rockchip were using the device to demonstrate a Chinese chip makers new 720p decoding chipset. The device you saw was using the RK2808 chipset to see how it functions while using the Android OS. [Read more…]