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Book Hides a Flatbed Scanner Within

computer-scanner-bookA number of you probably have a standard boring grey scanner sat on your desk. This mod aims to make it look a bit more fun and presentable by stashing the scanner inside of an old looking book.

Datamancer is responsible for this scanner above and has modded his scanner so that it fits inside a book. As craziest gadgets put it “the scanned becomes the scanner”. [Read more…]

Qualcomm Flo TV

qualcomm_flo_tv_personal_tvGdgt managed to get the details of a mobile digital TV device built by Qualcomm. The device appears to be about the size of an iPhone and is named the Qualcomm Flo TV PTV (Personal Television).

Rather than streaming data to it over a 3G network the Flo will use Qualcomms terrestrial digital TV service to receive signals. [Read more…]

3M Portable Projector – The MPro120

mpro1203M are launching a portable projector named the MPro120. The projector uses a new projection engine called the MM200 that has potential to be very good for the Pico market.

The MPro120 has excellent image quality that comes from a liquid crystal on silicon imager. An impressive 4 hour battery life is also achieved and it has a 12-lumens lamp to brighten it up. The lamp can last up to 20,000 hours which isn’t a small number either. [Read more…]

Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader

prs-600The new Sony PRS-600 eBook reader has been reviewed by Mobile Tech Review. They found that the screen had more contrast than the previous PRS-505 model but lacked a bit of clarity and had a bit more glare than the previous model.

Good points were that the note taking and dictionary features were excellent with the notes being synced to your desktop versions of the books. A video review can be found after the jump. [Read more…]

Portable Pocket HDTV

Portable-HDTVThe Portable HDTV is capable of receiving high-definition broadcasts and displays them on it’s 4 1/4″ screen. The screen is set out in a 16:9 aspect ratio and has a 60 degree viewing angle.

The confusing part is why they call it a HDTV though. At a display resolution of 480 x 272 it certainly isn’t HD standards. The only HD part of it is that it can receive HD digital broadcasts. [Read more…]

Thinkware iNAVI K3+

thinkware-satnavThe iNAVI K3+ is an upgrade to the K3 that was launched recently. It is designed for the Korean market and features a 7 inch touchscreen in a widescreen format of 800 x 480 pixels. The screen is LCD. A SIRF V6 chipset can be found inside along with a 900MHz processor, an 8GB SDHC memory card, 256MB of RAM, DMB support to name a few.

Other functions include a video player, MP3 playback, diary function and a USB port so memory can be expanded. [Read more…]

Nintendo Wii Football Patent

wii-football-patentThe Nintendo Wii has a number of bizarre wiimote attachments to make it in to the likes of some maracas, a golf club, tennis racket, steering wheel etc… The latest is an actual controller unit shaped like an American football.

The patent shows a football controller that is designed to assist in a “real-world” football experience. The problem with it is that to get the real-world experience you need to throw it, run in to things and generally have a rough time with the ball… somehow I can’t see this happening in a living room where a nice 42″ plasma screen sits. [Read more…]

Magellan RoadMate 1700

magellan-1700Magellan are launching the RoadMate 1700 satnav unit. It has a 7 inch touchscreen in a widescreen aspect.

The satnav unit has complete maps of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico along with over 6 million points of interest for you to always find something interesting near by. [Read more…]

PlayStation 3 Slim Review

ps3-slimGizmodo managed to get a PS3 slim to test recently and have given the new console a good test to see what’s good and what’s bad about it.

Gizmodo say…

The single largest roadblock that prevents most people from picking up a PlayStation 3 is the price. Sony’s just taken that roadblock and shrunk it. You’re now $100 more likely to buy a PlayStation 3.

[Read more…]

Star Wars Force Trainer

star_wars_force_trainer_comboWe have already mentioned the Star Wars Force Trainer a few months back, but as it’s now available at ThinkGeek we thought we’d mention it again.

The Force is all around us. It flows around and through us. It is between us and that tree and the rock, around our sunken X-Wing, going through our wallet, tickling our armpits, and flowing between our ears. You think we’re joking, but the only way to guide the Force outside your body is to guide the Force inside your head. Yoda told us that once when we had stew over at his house. The stew was ok (if you like licking swamp creatures), but the advice was invaluable.

[Read more…]

DIY: Mobile Phone Custom Macro Lens

dvd_macrolensIt’s widely known that mobile phone cameras aren’t that great at taking pictures in anything but standard conditions with a still subject. A Flickr user named cnflikt decided to create his own macro lens to his phone to capture some decent close-up shots.

To create the DIY macro lens cnflikt used a focusing lens from an old DVD player and then mounted the said lens to a cardboard cut-out. Once created the lens was attached to a Sony Ericsson K800i and then was ready for testing. [Read more…]

GPS Watch with Data Logger, Photo Tagger and More

gps-enabled-watch_2The GPS watch houses 4-in-1 GPS features that let you track your location anywhere on the globe. The watch, as well as telling the time, allows you to track your location, acts as a data logger, photo tagger and a receiver.

The GPS watch can be used for tracking your car by the push of a button. It works by using intelligent LED’s that point you in the right direction back to your car or any other point of interest that you may have logged.

When you are walking back to your car the 360 degree directional lights on the watch will tell you which direction you should be walking. And then when you come within 50 meters of the saved location, the arrows around the watch face will begin flashing, and when you are within 15 meters the arrows will turn blue. This smart function is great for anyone who needs help finding his way back to their car or hotel. Don’t let a massive sea of cars get you lost when your trying to find your car after watching a live football game at a stadium.

[Read more…]