The Only Picture Taking Night Vision Monocular

Night-Vision-Monocular-CameraThis monocular is capable of night vision. Not only that, it’s also capable of capturing pictures too and storing them in memory.

The night vision aspect of the monocular is capable of amplifying ambient light by up to 10000 times which rivals military style devices. The device also auto adjusts the settings depending on how much light is available so that you always get a nice clear image.

The camera is capable of capturing from 2 frames per second up to 30 fps and stores those images on a 512MB SD card that can hold up to 400 images at a resolution of 510 x 490 pixels. The monocular has a 70′ field of view at a 70 yard distance.

Four viewing colours can be selected so you can always comfortably view your subject at any time of the day and night. For example, it uses green for night vision, orange/blue for marine environments, and black/white for early morning.

Available from Hammacher costing $799.95.

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