gScreen Dual Screen Spacebook

500x_gscreengScreen have released real photos of their Spacebook dual screened laptop. This laptop has 2 15.4 inch screens although the first released versions will have 2 x 16″ or 2 x 17″ displays built in. When folded up, one of the screens slides behind the other with a unique sliding mechanism.

“We designed this knowing that many may not need the extra screen at all times,” Gordon told me. But when you do use both screens you’ll get about 30-inches of screen space. GScreen plans to release dual 13-inch models at some point.

The dual screen laptops (Spacebooks) should actually start showing up over at around December this year. A few final tweaks are being made to the screens and the power source to squeeze more juice out of it. The spacebooks will run Windows 7 and run Intel Core 2 Duo prcessors. Memory wise they will have a chunky amount at 4GB and due to the high screen resolution across both screens they will run an NVIDIA GF900M GT graphics processor.

The best way to look at this laptop is that it’s everything a netbook isn’t. It’s on opposite ends of the scale in terms of size and power. If your looking for portable then maybe stick with a netbook.

When launched they hope to keep the price under $3000.

Via: Gizmodo

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