Sony Alpha A850, A550 and A500 DSLRs Launch

sony_alpha_850_dslrSony has released information on 3 new digital SLR cameras in the Alpha range of cameras. The first is the A850 that has a 24.6 megapixel sensor. This camera is full-frame and has a new 28-75mm F2.8 lens. It shares a number of features from the flagship a900 camera but this one will cost less at less than $2000 for the body.

‘Sony is bringing the benefits of a full-frame digital SLR camera to a broader group of consumers, said Kristen Elder, director of AMC business unit in the Digital Imaging Division at Sony Electronics. ‘The α850 strengthens Sony’s alpha DSLR line, which now offers models in each step from high-end professional down to the amateur enthusiast.

Up to 3 frames per second can be captured on the A850 as images are processed with the dual BIONZ processing engines. It requires both engines due to the amount of data that the 24.5 megapixel sensor captures. Another feature of this higher-end camera is liveview which allows you to line up shots as seen on the screen before capturing the image. The preview system can also be used to capture a RAW image which can then be edited on-screen so that you can adjust the white balance and other aspects of the image before processing the image. Other features include the body integrated with SeadyShot INSIDE that allows for image stabilization in body rather than on the lens. Due to that it means that any lens that can be attached can benefit from anti-shake functions.

The A850 has a 3 inch screen on the back (Xtra Fine LCD) that allows you to control settings, view/edit images etc… Images on the caemra are captured on a high-capacity Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo or HX series Compact Flash media. The lens made available for the A850 is the 28-75mm zoom lens that is capable of F2.8 throughout the entire zoom allowing some nice shots in varied lighting conditions. The lens will cost $800 when launched. Only 1 downside about the A850 is that it does not support HD video unfortunately.

The other 2 Sony Alpha DSLR cameras are the A500 and A550 that have a 12.3 and 14.2 megapixel sensor respectively. Each have a single BIONZ image processor built in as well as colour-noise reduction that helps give clear images at high ISO’s of 12800.

‘We are bringing performance of a higher class of cameras within the reach of a broader group of consumers, said Mark Weir, senior technology manager of the product management unit in the Digital Imaging Division at Sony Electronics. ‘Not only do these cameras provide great value, but they also bring faster shooting speeds and new technologies like in-camera High Dynamic Range and new Live View features to mainstream photo enthusiasts.

Features built in to these cameras include smile detection that will only capture an image if your subject smiles… kind of a pain to use sometimes but a nice extra that can be switched on if needed. Other features are the usual live view, a 3 inch tilting screen (slightly different on each camera), HDR photography and quick focus.

They appear to be some excellent cameras for the price. The A550 will cost $950 when launched while the A500 will cost $750. Each price is for the body only allowing you to pick the lens of your choice and suited to the main use you want it. Add $100 on to each camera if you want a kit lens with it (18mm – 55mm). Pre-orders are starting today over at the Sony site.

Sony A500 Front

Sony A500 Back

Sony A500 Top

Sony A550 Front

Sony A550 Back

Sony A550 Top

Sony A850 Front

Sony A850 Back

Sony A850 Top

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  1. It must be less price than a900. I like the photo quality taken by Sony Alpha. It good invest on Sony Alpha a850. Not just include with 24-75mm, 2.8 on aparture and it also a Full Frame. it must be consider it.

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