Sharp NetWalker PC-Z1 with 5 Inch Display

sharp_netwalker_pc-z1_netbookThe NetWalker built by Sharp is another netbook sized device that is completely on opposite sites of the scale to the spacebook we just mentioned. This tiny netbook has just a 5 inch display, has 512MB of RAM and runs an 800MGz Arm Cortex-A8 processor.

The device is ultra-compact due to it’s small screen and dimensions of 161 x 109 x 20-25 mm and a weight of just 410g. Battery life see’s this netbook powered for about 10 hours.

The Sharp NetWalker MID runs Ubuntu Linux 9.04 OS and has 4GB of integrated flash memory for storing data. The 5 inch screen has a fairly good resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and is backlit by LED.

Although the NetWalker is not super powerful it still provides an ultra portable way of easily browsing the internet and checking emails amongst other standard built in features. The device has a QWERTY keyboard that doesn’t look too small in size. For connectivity the device has Wi-Fi at b and g speeds. Due to the small sized 4GB of internal storage, some of which will be used up by the operating system and related files, you can expand that by using a microSDHC card up to 16GB in capacity. The NetWalker also has two USB 2.0 ports and a miniUSB port.

The Sharp NetWalker will be released in Japan on September 25th costing $480. It’s not clear just yet if it will make it over this way. Via: GadgetFolder

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