Handmade Star Trek Drinks Coasters

Here is something for the Star Trek fans out there. A user over at Etsy has created a set of Star Trek drinks coasters. Each coaster is made of slate and is hand crafted to feature the Star Trek logo carved in to them.

The coasters measure 4×4 inches and are a chunky half an inch thick. 4 coasters are provided in each set.

Each set of 4 are made out of the same tile so that the colour and pattern of the tile remains the same in the set. The tiles are sanded to get rid of sharp edges and protective finish is applied to each tile protecting it as well as enhancing the look of the tile. As the tiles are quite chunky and carry a bit of weight it allows them to stay firm to the desk while lifting a damp glass from the surface of it.

The set of Star Trek coasters currently costs $24 over at Etsy.

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