Cubical Door Lock Stickers

cubicle_door_lock_stickersIf you have a regular cubicle style office and have always had that desire to get yourself a door to make you look important then there is now an easier way, thanks to ThinkGeek. The Cubical Door Lock Stickers are designed to give your cubicle that authoritative look by making it just appear that you have a door.

Just stick some Cubicle Door Lock Stickers to your boring cubicle wall, and suddenly it will appear you have a door. Each set includes a few different locks, some peepholes, and even a doorbell button. The first time someone pauses before entering your cubicle to wonder if they should ring your doorbell, you’ll know you have gained a few more power bars. Eventually, your power in the office will grow and grow and you’ll have a real office with a real door – all because of your investment in some Cubicle Door Lock Stickers. You’re welcome.

Cubicle Door Lock Stickers

* Stick these realistic stickers to your cubicle walls to make it look like you have a door.
* Sticky-sided vinyl stickers can be reused if applied carefully.
* Includes: 2 peepholes, 2 standard key holes (one large one small), 1 doorbell, and 1 “digi-lok”
* Dimensions:biggest sticker: 5.9″ x 2″ – smallest sticker: 0.8″ x 0.8″

Available from ThinkGeek costing $5.99 for the set.



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    Not bad at all. This is is affordable.

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