Nokia Ovi Store to get 20000 Apps

nokia-ovi-storeSeveral phone manufacturers are following Apple in creating their own app stores for their range of mobile phones. Windows Mobile, Palm and Android all have app stores. Nokia have create Ovi to follow and when open in late spring it will be the home to 20000 applications when launched. 20K applications is far greater when Android and Apple first launched their stores with just a few applications.

The store will open in time for when the Nokia N97 launches in July. Included in the app store there will be a large variety of applications which include general apps, short videos, games and more. Location based services powered by the built in GPS unit on a phone will allow you to filter down to things you need for local use.

App stores are the way forwards and provide plenty of customisation options making your phone easier to use and a more handy device to carry around.

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