Garmin G60 nuvifone

The Garmin G60 nuvifone (spelled nĀ¼vifone) is a device aimed at the regular user who wants location based service (LBS) along with GPS built in to a handset. The G60 is classed as an all-in-one premium phone.

The nuvifone mixes the location based services, mobile phone and GPS navigation powered by Garmin in to the 1 device. The software that runs the phone is Linux and Garmin (along with Asus) have managed to make a phone that actually has a decent response to gestures on the screen as well as a fairly decent touchscreen keyboard (which isn’t an easy task to accomplish). The key spacing is just right so you don’t capture 2 keys with 1 finger which is a common problem on phones. It is designed for active on-the-go users and features a group of easy to access and use features.

Garmin G60 nuvifone Connectivity

Connectivity wise it has Quad-band 2G and tri-band 3G which allows high speed access in many areas. Wi-fi b/g is also built in along with WPA encryption support. A full HTML browser is included (we didn’t get to test that feature) and location based services are built in which includes real time traffic updates, petrol prices, flight times, weather, white pages and local google search.

Garmin G60 nuvifone Features

Feature wise it works great as a mobile phone. A search with the LBS pops up a simple menu allowing you to tap and call a searched for restaurant (for example). Geo-tagging is possible on SMS messaging, email and photo sharing allowing others to see exactly where you are at the time you send the message or took the photo. Ciao! is another location based service that allows you to use your phone as a “Buddy Beacon or GyPSii” device and share where you are with others in your approved friend list.

With the GPS features of the phone being powered by Garmin they give full coverage along with some nice (very smooth scrolling) maps along with voice guidance and turn by turn which also speaks the street names. A pedestrian mode is also available which allows you to use the navigation system while walking around. Instructions and prompts are adjusted accordingly. A car mount is included with the M60 making it usable in a car with out having to buy extras.

The G60 has a 3.55 inch display that has just 3 primary icons on the screen. These are Call, Search and View Map. A smaller set of icons appear to the right of that which can be scrolled up and down the screen. An accelerometer detects the orientation of the phone and rotates the screen to landscape accordingly.

The phone measures 112 x 58.1 x 14.6 mm, weighs 137g, has a 2.5mm headphone jack, an 1100mAh battery, supports POP3, IMAP 4, IMAP idle and SMTP for email, has a 3 megapixel camea and uses Outlook for contacts and the calendar.

Overall a very responsive and decent looking device that has the added bonus of Garmin maps built in along with GPS. No pricing or availability dates have been made known just yet although Asus and Garmin do plan to announce this in the first half of this year.

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