Wind Charm Alarm Clock

windchime-alarm-clockThe Wind Chime Alarm Clock features 10 metal pipes that bump in to each other making a chiming noise. It’s a more of a gentle way to wake up rather then a sonic bomb clock that throws you out of bed.

The clock has both 12 and 24 hour modes, shows the date, has a stop watch function and 2 different alarm modes. The 2 choices of alarm modes are just a regular beep, or the wind chimes clattering against each other.

Available from VAT19 costing $19.95.


  1. Chris - LG Blog UK says

    ok – i’ve got my own version of this.

    it requires:

    2 X cats
    1 X windchime

    1) Hang windchime near your head while in bed
    2) Neglect to feed cats in the evening
    3) Get woken up by hungry cats smashing into windchimes while trying to wake you up for food at about 6:30am

    Yes – I can provide photos of this set up for any doubters

  2. @Chris,

    That’s hilarious. I never pet a cat so don’t have that kind of experience. But after reading your comment, it seems your method worth a try! 😉
    I can easily pick up a beautiful cat at the nearest pet store as my living alarm! LOL for that. 🙂

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