Razor thin 1mm Plasma Screen

A company named Shinoda Japan have just released details on their latest plasma screen. The incredible screen measures 2 meters tall by 3 meters wide and has a depth of just 1mm. The huge but thin plasma screen uses a lot less energy then equivalent sized screens. A reduction of 50% is claimed by Shinoda.

The screen is not just 1 large sheet of glass though. Instead, it is 6 sheets all joined together to make a hefty 200 pound in weight TV. The screen pictured above is another of Shinoda’s products that they have on offer.

If you want to get your hands on this new fancy Plasma TV then be prepared to pay over $50000 for it. It will be made available later this year for purchase.


  1. Go Doodads says

    Wow!!…It looks like wide window! cooL!:D

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