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3rd Gen iPhone gets Internet Boost?

3rd-gen-iphoneA few things have been mentioned about a 3rd Gen iPhone (we are talking hardware and not the iPhone OS 3.0 here). Rumours are saying that it will be getting a serious Internet boost. The question is though – how will it get faster?

It is unknown just at the moment in what way this speed boost will happen. Could it be Wi-fi or could it be the regular cell connection? [Read more…]

Super Nintoaster – Hacked Toaster

super-nintoasterThe Super Nintoaster is an old 16-bit Super Nintendo squashed inside a hacked toaster. It’s a brilliant idea and actually works quite well as can be seen on the video after the jump.

The Nintoaster has no power pack as it’s built in to the toaster. You simply plug the toaster in and the toast slot on the left is used for the game cartridge while the toast slot on the right houses the ports to connect up to 2 controllers. Also the reset button can be found in that section. On the side of the toaster there are AV outputs with yellow for video, red and white for stereo audio. To switch the Super Nintoaster on you push the button down like you would to make toast and on come some bright red LED’s that can be adjusted in brightness with a control on the side of the toaster. [Read more…]

Acer Aspire One with 11.6 Inch Screen

acer-aspire-oneAcer are about to release a new Aspire One with a slightly larger screen then the previous 10.1″ version. The latest model will sport an 11.6 inch screen according to Macles*. [Read more…]

Evolution R-1 Projector from Beambox

micro-pico-projectorPico Projectors are about the size of a mobile phone and are capable of projecting a 50 – 60 inch screen in a darkened room. Beambox have created their version of the Pico which has a brightness level of 30 lumens. It is named the Evolution R-1 pico and promises up to a 100 inch sized screen.

The Evolution R-1 Pico uses an LCoS chip that displays a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. A mixture of this slightly higher resolution and a 30 lumens brightness make it one nice little projector. The LCoS chips use tiny liquid crystals that are applied to the surface of a silicone chip. This allows for higher resolutions with more contrast on regular DLP projectors. Beambox have used this technology but have shrunk down the resolution a bit and squashed it in to their projector. Hopefully it will work well. [Read more…]

iPhone OS 3.0 – Jailbreak Ready

iphone-3-0The iPhone OS 3.0 has now successfully been jailbroken. This is thanks to the iPhone Dev Team who managed to get Jailbreak working on the iPhone 3.0 beta software. [Read more…]

Windows Mobile 6.5 Rids the Hexagons

windows-mobile-6-5When Windows Mobile 6.5 was announced a few weeks back, one of the noted features was the honeycomb style user interface. Well, this is now gone 🙂

The honeycomb UI was an attempt to make Windows Mobile devices more user friendly by making icons large enough and spaced out enough to not need to use a stylus. The icons were separated by a fixed border and it is this border that seems to have got some backlash by MS’s own employees. The new WM6.5 menu page still lays the icons out in an offset manner, but gone are the rigid lines that separate them.

Scrolling down on the device seems to have had a tweak as well as it is now more smooth which is what is needed. To see the new menu system in place check out Engadget who have the video online.

10MB PodCast Limit removed from iPhone?

iphone-pod-cast-10mb-limitSomeone over on Macrumors spotted recently that the 10MB limit imposed on Podcast downloads from iTunes has now been removed.

This seems to be for those running the Beta version of the iPhone 3.0 software which was released a couple of days ago. For those accessing through the App Store there is still a 10Mb limit.

Is anybody else using iPhone 3.0 on a 3G handset? Is it working for you?

Via: iSmashPhone

iPhone Stylus and Touchscreen Cleaning Kit

iphone-stylus-screen-cleaner-1All touchscreen phones have the problem that they somehow magically suck grease and finger prints from the air, even when you don’t touch the screen. If your phone suffers that problem, which I am sure it does, then check out this iPhone Stylus and Touchscreen cleaning kit.

iphone-stylus-screen-cleanerThe cleaning kit has a small reservoir of cleaning stuff stored inside that makes it’s way down to a sponge that is found of the end of it. Pop off the cap and you have the perfect screen cleaning tool that can clean your PSP, iPod, iPhone and any other smartphone or anything with a screen full-stop. Once you clean the screen with the sponge you use the carrying case to clean off the surface and buff it clean. The case is a micro-fibre case that makes it a good material for cleaning.

Now that you have a completely clean iPod screen you can now use the integrated stylus to tap away on the screen rather then using your fingers.

Overall… A very handy accessory available from Firebox costing £7.95 currently.

Via: Coolest-Gadgets

Creepy Looking Eye Lamp

This light is in the shape of a creepy eye. It’s just a concept at the moment. It is made of polished metal and the eye lids are capable of opening and closing. [Read more…]

ThumbTack Mic for iPod

thumbtack-microphoneThe ThumbTack is a microphone that is designed for the iPod. It is compatible with 4th generation iPod Nano’s and 2nd generation iPod Touch’s. [Read more…]

Super Mario Russian Doll Set

super-mario-russian-dolls-8There’s a ton of Super Mario stuff being created such as the Mario Quilt and many others. The latest in the series is a Super Mario Russian Doll set. A Russian Doll set is where you get several wooden dolls which their decreasing sizes allow them to be placed one inside the other. [Read more…]


pov-watchThe Persistence of Vision (POV) Watch is a watch which creates the illusion of floating time while the wrist is swinging (such as when running). [Read more…]