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Asus Eee PC 1008HA

asus-eee-pc-1008haAsus are on a roll with their range of Eee PC netbooks. The latest to be made available is the Asus Eee PC 1008HA which will have a 10 inch screen, measure just 1 inch thick and weigh 2.4 pounds. [Read more…]

Asus Lamborghini VX5 with 1TB SSD

asus-lamborghini-1tb-ssdAsus have announced that the Lamborghini VX5 will get a beefy update on the storage side of things. The VX5 will be the first laptop in the world that will come supplied with a 1TB SSD (Solid State Drive). [Read more…]

Eye-Fi for Video

eyevidEye-Fi cards are cool little things that allow you to upload images direct to the internet from your camera as the photos are taken. Up till now they have been capable of storing up to 2GB of photos and sending those photos over a wireless network to apps such as Flickr and Facebook. They have now been upgraded to 4GB and are capable of uploading to Youtube too. [Read more…]

Sony DSC-HX1 Super Zoom Launched

sony-dsc-hx1Over at PMA, Sony have launched their DSC-HX1 which is a superzoom hybrid camera. Large zoom’s on these types of mid range cameras are becoming more popular. This particular one is capable of 20x optical which is not bad at all. [Read more…]

Steampunk USB Drive

steampunk-usb-jump-driveThere have been plenty of Steampunk style gadgets mentioned here at gadgetvenue. The reason for this is that they look strangely cool. The latest that I came across today was the Steampunk USB Drive. Lets take a quick look. [Read more…]

Super Bright LED Flashlight

led-flashlightA new LED flashlight has been created that is rated at 742 Lumens which makes it probably the most powerful LED torch in the world. 742 lumens is approaching LCD projectors in the brightness department. In one statement by the creators they say it’s the Worlds brightest single LED flashlight”.

The LED flashlight is named the Legion II and it features a single-finger switch for turning the thing on and off as well as being able to dim the torch should it be too bright for what you need. Two versions of the flashlight are available with one being very limited edition costing $295 (only a first batch of 30 have been built). The cheaper model costs $179 which is made from aluminium. The torch needs 3 lithium ion cells to power it. [Read more…]

Lamborghini takes a Swim – Becomes Amphibious

Upon seeing the title of a blog posts saying a Labborghini was Amphibious I was expecting to see a picture of a sad bloke upset that his Lambo sunk in the water and was destroyed. I was surprised when I actually saw a Lamborghini floating around the water like boat. Check out the pictures below! [Read more…]

DIY Macro Adapter

diy-macro_adapterDave Peterson has created a great macro adapter for his Olympus FE-310 point and shoot digital camera. The results by using this lens look great and the best part is that you probably have a lot of the parts spare in your home. [Read more…]

Office 2019 Concept

office-2019If you have ever wondered what Microsoft Office will look like in 10 years time (no, I haven’t either), but if you have… then this little presentation could be a glimpse of where Office is heading. I have to say it does look quite cool. [Read more…]