iPhone Stylus and Touchscreen Cleaning Kit

iphone-stylus-screen-cleaner-1All touchscreen phones have the problem that they somehow magically suck grease and finger prints from the air, even when you don’t touch the screen. If your phone suffers that problem, which I am sure it does, then check out this iPhone Stylus and Touchscreen cleaning kit.

iphone-stylus-screen-cleanerThe cleaning kit has a small reservoir of cleaning stuff stored inside that makes it’s way down to a sponge that is found of the end of it. Pop off the cap and you have the perfect screen cleaning tool that can clean your PSP, iPod, iPhone and any other smartphone or anything with a screen full-stop. Once you clean the screen with the sponge you use the carrying case to clean off the surface and buff it clean. The case is a micro-fibre case that makes it a good material for cleaning.

Now that you have a completely clean iPod screen you can now use the integrated stylus to tap away on the screen rather then using your fingers.

Overall… A very handy accessory available from Firebox costing £7.95 currently.

Via: Coolest-Gadgets

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