iPhone OS 3.0 Full Details

iphone_os_3-0After a packed couple of hours with Apple yesterday, they managed to reel off all the features of the iPhone OS 3.0. As well as reeling off a ton of new features they also promised to address a number of concerns/complaints that users had.

iphone_os_3-0_cut_copy_pasteThe update is set to be released in June this year and from what we understand it will be free for iPhone users although it will cost $9.99 for iPod Touch users. The iPhone OS 3.0 will work on both 1st and 2nd Gen iPhones although a few features like MMS will not work on the older iPhone. On to the changes…

The big changes are the cut, copy & paste functions which are now included in OS 3.0. Bluetooth A2DP support now is stereo and the phone is capable of sending and receiving MMS messages.

Cut, copy and Paste works in all the major applications and to use the feature you just double tap the word and then use the grab handles to highlight more words in the surrounding area. Once done a few buttons pop up allowing you to select what you want to do. Shaking the handset can undo or redo any of the actions just done.

The Mail app is now capable of sending multiple photos which is achieved by selecting them in the photo gallery and then pasting them all in to a new mail message.

Spotlight is a new feature that will allow you to search across your iPhone for data that is held pretty much anywhere like contacts, emails, messages etc… Another feature is a landscape keyboard has been added to Mail, SMS and notes allowing for easier typing of messages and emails.

A nice feature is 3G tethering allowing you to use your iPhone as a modem by connecting your netbook or laptop to it via USB or over bluetooth. No doubt carriers will have something to say but as Apple are quite in control of the carrier situation I can see it being available on most in my opinion. iPhone OS 3.0 will also support connecting to other calendars like online ones from Google or Yahoo which is handy so you can access the same data from various places.

Increased parental controls are being included in this update along with WiFi auto login and increased security in Safari which now has built in anti phishing. The iPod part of the iPhone can now be used as a shuffle where you simply shake the phone to switch to the next track.

Push is now included also which allows you to receive notification of IM’s and email as they happen rather then having to check for them.

Overall a very good update for iPhone users and well worth upgrading when it becomes available in a few months time. I wonder if the Palm Pre is getting worried now? 😉

Via: SlashGear and Geeky-Gadgets

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