iPhone OS 3.0 – Jailbreak Ready

iphone-3-0The iPhone OS 3.0 has now successfully been jailbroken. This is thanks to the iPhone Dev Team who managed to get Jailbreak working on the iPhone 3.0 beta software.

The Jailbreak software for OS 3.0 is not yet available and it probably wont be released till the official launch later this year in the summer. A warning has been given to YellowSnow users that they best hold off using firmware 3.0 as YellowSnow is not quite ready for the upgrade and any attempt to upgrade to 3.0 from a YellowSnowed device could see irreversible changes being made.

If you are one of the few users who are not sure what Jailbreak is then it’s a piece of software that basically cracks the iPhone software allowing you to install custom apps that are not approved by Apple. Also unlocking and other types of funky stuff can be done with the jailbroken phone.

iPhone Dev Team Via: UberGizmo


  1. That really didn’t take them long did it. The only problem now is that apple will be working hard again before the summer to lock it down from jailbreak.

    With the new 3.0 software features I doubt I would bother jailbreaking anyway. Still, nice to know that there are folks out there who can get it done so quick.

  2. Well paul… considering most people jailbreak for themes, video camera, video storage, cracked apps and several hundred other things that wont be included in the new firmware i assure you they will bother jailbreaking. the new fw includes basic phone things (mms,message forwarding,etc.) that should have came on the phone to begin with

  3. I know guys… But themes etc don’t motivate one, enough to lose authenticity on the device. I did it for PDA application and vedio recording. Also for the clipboard, which is now available in apple’s firmware. But apple guys are snobbish enough that I am sure there is jailbreak will not lose career. Apple guys reely need to put their ego down if they want to fight jailbreaking. Give us what we want or we’ll get it from elsewhere!

  4. Bryan Chalker says

    All I can say is Kasperov would be proud 🙂

  5. Well yeah its great that 3.0 is almoast out but from 1.1.5 to 2.0 firmware they added cydia so i think the jailbreak will do something special for 3.0 because it is a major update and more features will be available 🙂

  6. i have the official realease firmwars and jailbreak

  7. Where did you get the official jailbreak?

  8. I believe the new Jailbreak will be made available this Friday. I’ll update the post shortly with the new details.

  9. mickolas says

    3.0 beta has been jailbroken. The Dev Team is still working on jailbreaking the 3.0 firmware, so that previous jailbroken peeps can upgrade and keep most of their apps and settings. Ultrasn0w should be available to us soon.

  10. New LEarner says

    is there a program like quickpwn for the new 3.0??? does anyone know can you please help me out im new to this

  11. New LEarner says

    where can i get the new iphone jail break from??? for 3.0

  12. New LEarner says

    waaaaassuuuuuuppppppppppp can some one please let me know where and how to get my updated iphone 3g 3.0 jailbroken or unlocked

  13. New LEarner says

    if you do find it and decide to be a good sport and help a fellow out please some one email me about this at [email protected] i would greatly appreciate it thanks a bunch people

  14. @New LEarner… Details of where it is can be found in the post above.

  15. Google.com and Bing.com is your friend… use the phrase (iPhone OS 3.0 and QuickPWN) and you’ll get your answers…

    Besides, 3.0 was officially released yesterday (June 17th) and the phone will be released tomorrow (June 19th) The Dev Team will not release either Ultrasn0w nor any new versions of QuickPWN or PwnageTool until the 3G-S is released and tested on. Then, all other phones prior to the 3G-S will have the availability of the new jailbreaking/unlocking software, the latest I’d give it till Monday or Tuesday for the full release… be patient!


  16. if you need to unlock the iphone you can use ultrasnow, it is an improved version of yellowsnow and is mean to be used on 3.0….search on google for the link

  17. I have the first generation iPhone unlocked and jailbroken for cydia. I was planning on updating to the 3.0 software, is there anything I should be aware of. Also, what new features do and don’t come with the update? I understand that updating the software relocks the phone so what version of quickpwn should I use?

  18. QuickPWN 3.0 (Its not out yet!)

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