Windows Mobile 6.5 Rids the Hexagons

windows-mobile-6-5When Windows Mobile 6.5 was announced a few weeks back, one of the noted features was the honeycomb style user interface. Well, this is now gone 🙂

The honeycomb UI was an attempt to make Windows Mobile devices more user friendly by making icons large enough and spaced out enough to not need to use a stylus. The icons were separated by a fixed border and it is this border that seems to have got some backlash by MS’s own employees. The new WM6.5 menu page still lays the icons out in an offset manner, but gone are the rigid lines that separate them.

Scrolling down on the device seems to have had a tweak as well as it is now more smooth which is what is needed. To see the new menu system in place check out Engadget who have the video online.

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