Evolution R-1 Projector from Beambox

micro-pico-projectorPico Projectors are about the size of a mobile phone and are capable of projecting a 50 – 60 inch screen in a darkened room. Beambox have created their version of the Pico which has a brightness level of 30 lumens. It is named the Evolution R-1 pico and promises up to a 100 inch sized screen.

The Evolution R-1 Pico uses an LCoS chip that displays a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. A mixture of this slightly higher resolution and a 30 lumens brightness make it one nice little projector. The LCoS chips use tiny liquid crystals that are applied to the surface of a silicone chip. This allows for higher resolutions with more contrast on regular DLP projectors. Beambox have used this technology but have shrunk down the resolution a bit and squashed it in to their projector. Hopefully it will work well.

Due to the higher then average brightness the Evolution R-1 is capable of projecting images up to 100 inches. However, a number of pico projector manufacturers have claimed the magic 100 inch screen but tend to fall 30 inches short when testing. Hopefully the Beambox version will not suffer this way.

This projector has a capacity of 1GB on internal memory which can be expanded another 4GB by microSD. It appears that the makers are wanting to create this projector as a standalone projector where you store movies/presentations on it rather then connecting it up to a phone or laptop. The iPod like scroll wheel that can be found on top also ads to this theory in that you can just sit it on a desk and hit play.

A speaker is built in that measures 1W which probably wont make the Beambox in to a beatbox. Battery life is also a concern as it is capable of just 90 minutes at the moment. Hopefully larger batteries will be made available shortly after the launch on April 1st when it should retail for $360.

Via: Wired


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