3rd Gen iPhone gets Internet Boost?

3rd-gen-iphoneA few things have been mentioned about a 3rd Gen iPhone (we are talking hardware and not the iPhone OS 3.0 here). Rumours are saying that it will be getting a serious Internet boost. The question is though – how will it get faster?

It is unknown just at the moment in what way this speed boost will happen. Could it be Wi-fi or could it be the regular cell connection? AT&T have recently been testing 7.2Mbps on their 3G services for a while. In the UK the top speed is also 7.2Mbps which has been available for a while now in various locations and on various networks. A mixture of these slightly higher speeds and a new 3G chip being released sometime this year it could well be that the iPhone is capable of browsing the internet quicker although the 7.2Mbps wont be for everyone as it does depend on location.

Also, Slashgear pointed out that a new Wi-Fi chip could be put in the 3rd Gen iPhone which could see transfer speeds up to 50Mbps.

It will be interesting to see what Apple has in mind for later this year.

Via: SlashGear

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