Acer Aspire One with 11.6 Inch Screen

acer-aspire-oneAcer are about to release a new Aspire One with a slightly larger screen then the previous 10.1″ version. The latest model will sport an 11.6 inch screen according to Macles*.

The 11.6 inch screen will have a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels which gives it the standard 16:9 aspect ration we commonly see these days. The design will be similar to previous models also except it will have a larger keyboard that will have flat keys.

On the power side of things the battery will be good for 4 hours with the higher capacity battery seeing the netbook get a life of about 8 hours.

Another difference cannot be seen on the pictures. All previous AA1 models use an Intel Atom N270 and the Intel Mobile 945GSE chipset with integrated GMA950 graphics core. The new model uses an Intel Atom Z530 and the Intel SCH USW15S chipset, also known as Poulsbo, with integrated GMA500 graphics core. The GMA500 is actually a rebranded PowerVR SGX 535 licensed from Imagination Technologies and features hardware decoding of H.264 and a few other codecs.

Engadget pointed out that the specs of this netbook line up with some FCC filing from earlier this year which is interesting.

Via: Engadget

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