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Guitar Hero Cufflinks

guitar-hero-cufflinksThese Guitar Hero Cufflinks are designed and detailed right down to the colour coding on the buttons.

Inspired by the best selling guitar video game, Guitar Hero. The replica strat cufflinks are detailed down to the colored buttons. A perfect companion for the weekend axe slinger.

They cost $50 and are available over at Cufflinks.

Shoebox Arcade Stick

shoebox-arcade-stickIf you thought the tupperware PS2 arcade stick was cool in a weird way, then check out this shoebox arcade stick.

The shoebox arcade stick is made from… you guessed it, a shoebox. There were actually 2 of them made with one being wired and one being wireless. The insides are made from Happ Joysticks along with some extra buttons. The spare parts cost just $36. [Read more…]

PSP used as Status Display for PC

psp-status-monitorIf you have a spare Sony PSP kicking around your house and lack the funds to buy a second monitor for your PC then you can now use your PSP to display the status of your PC.

A hacker named AVI has created a script which you can run on your PC which sends data to the PSP screen. Information displayed on the PSP screen is CPU Usage, memory allocation and system temperature levels. To get the script working you need to edit a bit of script and have Lua for the PSP. If you have that then you are good to go. [Read more…]

Roomba Robot Vac responds to Emotions

roomba_emotionsThe Roomba Robot Vacuum cleaner is normally used to clean your carpets automatically. However, a group of researchers over at the Calgary University are testing the mixing of emotions with the Roomba.

The Roomba was modified to react to signals sent to it from a device that reads your stress levels. The device monitors muscle tension and eye movement in an attempt to let the Roomba know how you are feeling. If you are stressed out then the vacuum will back off a bit and move slower. [Read more…]

Apple Netbook Leak? We Wish

macbook-miniAnother Apple Netbook rumour is floating around today. This time it’s in the form of a 10.4″ ultra thin netbook that looks rather nice.

Although it’s highly unlikely that this netbook will be launched by Apple I still decided it was worthy of being posted as it looks fantastic. [Read more…]

Laptop Flip 2-in-1 Stand

laptopflipLaptop Flip is a 2 in 1 stand that helps keep your laptop tidy when not in use and keep it cool while in use.

Raising your laptop increases ventilation and reduces heat. The Laptop Flip raises the back of your laptop and also lets you store your laptop in the vertical position when not in use creating additional space on your desktop. No other computer accessory offers these beneficial features all in one.

[Read more…]

Canon 5D Mark II Flash Drive

canon-5d-markii-flash-driveThis cool USB flash drive comes in the shape of a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera.

The lens holds the flash drive which is capable of storing 4GB of data. The camera acts as the cap for the flash drive making a miniature DSLR camera which looks really cool. It is only available on eBay at the moment and seems to be a very limited edition. The user on eBay who created it is called rayhuen and has made 1 other item in the past which was a 2GB Flash drive in the shape of a Canon EOS 450D. Maybe next time he will create some Nikon Flash Drives. [Read more…]

GeoBulb LED Light Bulb – Costs $120

led-light-bulbThe GeoBulb is one mightily expensive LED lightbulb that costs $120… just for 1 bulb. It runs at 7.5 watts which is the equivalent of a 60 watt regular incandescent bulb. [Read more…]

PSP Cobra Stand

psp-cobra-standThe Cobra Stand is built to handle the PSP 2000 and 3000 series consoles. 2 stands are available in this pack. The first is a traditional suction cup type stand which allows you to attach the PSP to your windscreen or any desk. The stand is flexible and measures 26cm. [Read more…]


inavi-k3-gpsThinkware, a Korean based company are launching an entry level GPS navigation device over in South Korea. The low end device features some very nice looking 3D navigation.

The iNAVI K3 has a 7 inch WVGA LCD display that shows some very nice visuals to those navigating around. The GPS is powered by a SiRF V6 chipset and inside you’ll also find a hefty 900MHz processor. It has 256MB RAM built in as well as 512MB ROM. The memory can be increased by making use of an SDHC memory card. TO say this is one of the “entry level” devices it certainly does look a lot more visually impressive to what we see over here in the UK. [Read more…]

Samsung S8000 and M8000 Launching Soon

samsung-s8000Samsung are launching quite a few touchscreen phones this year. 2 more of these devices have been leaked which are currently numbered the S8000 and M8000. Each phone is almost identical in looks, but inside there are a few differences.

Each of the phones has a 240 x 400 screen that is touchscreen and each have a home button below the screen. The S8000 has a 5 megapixel camera with a dual LED flash and autofocus while the M8000 seems to be more aimed at the music crowd as it has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a music key. Other then that nothing else is known just yet. [Read more…]

Sega Storm-G Arcade Attraction

storm_gSega have launched Storm-G which is a Wipeout style game but without the missiles and such. You are put in the ride and navigate down a futuristic bob-sleigh track.

The game is quite simple in that you need to get from start to finish without crashing. When you go around corners the whole ride rotates around an axis which when you go through tunnels you even find yourself upside down at points. Unfortunately only 2 courses are available at the moment which will hopefully be increased at a later date.

I had quite a laugh playing with Storm-G, but you may not spend days playing with it simply due to its lack of courses available (only 2), and also because this game is quite tiresome, after just 3 races (Hard Level) I was exhausted¦

If you want to play the game now then head on over to Joypolis in Odaiba. If you don’t want to go there which we assume most wont then check out the video below of it in action.

Via: Akihabaranews