Super Nintoaster – Hacked Toaster

super-nintoasterThe Super Nintoaster is an old 16-bit Super Nintendo squashed inside a hacked toaster. It’s a brilliant idea and actually works quite well as can be seen on the video after the jump.

The Nintoaster has no power pack as it’s built in to the toaster. You simply plug the toaster in and the toast slot on the left is used for the game cartridge while the toast slot on the right houses the ports to connect up to 2 controllers. Also the reset button can be found in that section. On the side of the toaster there are AV outputs with yellow for video, red and white for stereo audio. To switch the Super Nintoaster on you push the button down like you would to make toast and on come some bright red LED’s that can be adjusted in brightness with a control on the side of the toaster.

Amazing! Check out the video below.

Via: Technabob and Ben Heck

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