SteamBot – A Steam Powered Robot

strenco_steam_robotThis robot requires no electricity to run. Instead, it uses steam that is created inside it’s belly. To get it working you put water inside by taking it’s head off. Once watered, you slide in a tiny Esbit fire in to it’s belly which warms the water up. When steam is eventually created you spin the red wheel on it’s back which then sets the robot walking… at a snails pace.

A tiny copper Wilesco steam engine is built inside that provides the necessary things needed to power it. With it being steam powered it does take a few minutes to warm up before use… and as can be seen in the bottom of the two videos below, it’s hardly got any speed to it. The principle is quite cool though.

300 of these Steambots were made, so they are very limited edition.



Via: Technabob

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