Dynamo Torch

2in1-led-dynamo-torchWhen you get a powercut you often run to find the closest torch (flash light) so you can see around your home. Most of the time you find that you have dead batteries. This cool little Dynamo Torch makes sure that you never go without light as it uses power generated by shaking it around.

The Dynamo Torch (flash light) has 6 super bright LED’s that can be seen over 500M away. A laser pointer is also built in. To get it to work you just shake it around for 2 minutes. The energy created by that movement is enough to power the 6 LED’s for about 30 – 50 minutes.

Dynamo Torch Features

# Features: 360 Degree continued hand-shaking dynamo electric character
# 6 Super LED Light, irradiated distant to 500M
# 1 Laser Light
# Hand-shaking for 2 minutes, can supply 6 LED lighting around 30-50 minutes
# No Battery necessary
# Very convenience for taking with and conform to the environment requirement
# Dimension: 8.2 cm x 4.7 cm x 3.6 cm

Dynamo Torch Available Colors:

# Orange
# Green

Product Page. The Dynamo Torch costs just $10.99 from Giz Fever.

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