iPhone 3G Now Unlocked

iphone-unlockYellowsn0w has been launched. This little app allows you to unlock your iPhone 3G and use it on any other network. Previously you were locked in to just the network that provides it for your country.

Yellowsn0w was created by the iPhone Dev Team and it was launched on new years day. According to those who have tested it, the application works well. To get it to work you will need to be running the latest baseband firmware which is numbered 02.28.00 and your iPhone will need to be Jailbroken too. Once done you simply put a new SIM card in to the phone, reboot and your phone will connect to another network.

One other thing to note here is that you need to remove the PIN unlock from the SIM card. Just make sure you read the full official instructions before installing this app as we don’t want any of you locking yourselves out now do we!

Yellowsn0w Via: Wired

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