Ski Simulator for the Home – The SKYGYM

skisimulatorThe SKYGYM is an amazing looking ski simulator that goes a few steps beyond what the Wii-Fit could do.

The SKYGYM was designed and built in collaboration with professional ski folk, sport scientists and physical therapists and what this has done is provide a great simulator that more accurately recreates what it would be like on a ski slope without having to leave your living room.

Software is included and a PC is required to play the game on. The technical specs of the PC are very low, so you shouldn’t have any problems running this game. The software included is Alpine Ski Racing 2007. The game also gives you the ability to try out different types of course like racing and slalom to name a couple.

Although it does have a hefty price tag of ‚¬1649 it still does look absolutely amazing and probably the closest you will get to the real thing in your home.

Product Page Via: Random Good Stuff

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