Flipbac Camera Screen Mirror

flipbacWhen taking photos at a difficult angle on a digital camera it is often a problem to see the screen correctly. By not being able to see the screen you then have the problem that the subject might be missing completely or not where you want them to be in the shot. Flipbac aims to tackle this problem.

The Flipbac is a small mirror measuring 3″ (to match a 3″ LCD screen on a camera) and attaches to the bottom of the LCD screen. When taking pictures you flip the cover open and then use the mirrors reflection of the screen to get that perfect shot. Only a 3″ version is currently available although a 2.5″ version will be released shortly.

Flipbac Features

– Easy low angle or ground level shooting.
– Shoot accurately from unique positions: ground level, waist level or overhead.
– Capture natural, relaxed portraits.
– Excellent LCD screen protector when not in use.
– Opens to more than 180 degrees in both landscape and portrait positions.
– Fits most digital point-and-shoot and digital SLR cameras with a 3 inch live view LCD.
– US$19.99, plus US$5 shipping worldwide.

Flipbac costs $14 and supports many cameras (a list is provided on their site of compatible models).

Via: GadgetSpy

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