Casio Exilim EX-FS10 and EX-FC100 – 1000 FPS

casio_ex-fs100Casio were showing off their latest point and shoot digital cameras at this years CES. The amazing thing about these new Casio Exilim cameras is that they can record video with a frame rate of at least 1000 fps… that’s just crazy and cool.

1000 fps+ is not new from Casio. Previous models with this capability were the EX-F1 and EX-FH20, but these were bulkier and sat more in between a point & shoot and a DSLR. This year around, Casio have shrunk down the hardware needed and managed to fit the sensors and other hardware in to a nice slimline Exilim models.

The EX FC100 is the higher end model of the two and features a 5X optical zoom lens as well as a sensor-shift optical stabiliser handy for reducing camera movement. The lower spec model is the FS10 and although the slimmest of the 2 cameras it does only have a 3x optical zoom lens with no stabilisation. Other then that the cameras are pretty much identical.

Casio Exilim EX-FS10 and EXFC100 Features

* 30fps burst shooting at 6 megapixels
* Lag Correction
* User-determined prerecord interval (fixes human reflexes and slow hardware issues)
* Slow Motion preview to allow you to save the best frame from a capture
* High-speed Best Selection which chooses the best photo from a burst capture.
* 720p movies can also be recorded.

The cameras are scheduled for launch this March with the cheaper model (the EX-FS10) selling for $349.99 and the top end model (the EX-FC100) selling for $399.99. I’d recommend the upper end model to get the extra 2x optical zoom and stabilisation… but if you prefer ultra slim then the bottom end one is probably a good option for you.

Here is a video of one of the previous larger version cameras showing what 1200fps capture looks like.



  1. Gadget Sleuth says

    Nice slim design and cool features…price feels a bit high though.

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