Retro Brick Cell Phone Holder

retro-brick-cellphone-holderBack in the 80’s the common Cell phone looked like a brick. The huge phones with big rubber aerials could be seen every now and again attached to people belts. If you feel your current cell phone is just too small for you these days then this retro brick cell phone holder could be ideal for you.

The Brick is compatible with GSM phones. You simply put your GSM only phone in to the case and each time it rings or someone texts you there will be one of six phrases seen and the phone will also flash. 2 AAA sized batteries are required to get this thing working although it does come supplied with a couple already which are short life, purely for demo purposes.

The phone measures 19cm x 7cm. It is not compatible with 3G network phones though for some reason. Only those in the 900 – 1800MHz range are good here.

Product Page Via: Nerd Approved


  1. when will the retro brick cell phone holder become available….i’m DYING for one…also, what is the cost?

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