Sony VAIO P Details Announced

sony-vaio-pThe Sony VAIO P has been announced and SlashGear got to spend some time with it at CES this year. Although it’s no surprise that this was launched as details have been mentioned recently, there were no real specs about this nice new laptop that we could find. We now have these details.

Three versions of the Sony VAIO P are being made available starting at a price of $899 going up to $1499 for the top spec model.

The lower price point model will have a 60GB hard drive while the more expensive mid-range model will have a 64GB SSD. The VAIO P is locked on to the Verizon Wireless network in the US for high speed internet connections while on the move. If you opt for more storage at 128GB then you need to go for the higher priced model. Each of them has 2GB of RAM.

Other features include two USB ports, VGA output, Memory Stick and SD card slots can be found also as well as audio outputs. A physical switch can be used to switch wireless functions on and off. Boot up time is fast due to the instant-on Linux Shell and it has a battery life of 4 hours if you opt for the standard battery. The extended optional battery gives the Sony VAIO P an extra 2 hours of juice.

No details of a launch in the UK or anywhere else out of the US has been mentioned, so I suspect we will hear over the course of the next couple of months.

For more details and pictures about the Sony VAIO P be sure to check out Slashgear.

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