iSteam iPhone Application

isteam-free-iphone-appiSteam is the perfect distraction for the times you just can’t be bothered to work… we all feel like that from time to time I am sure.

The iSteam App is available for download and works on the iPhone and iPod Touch too. Currently it’s free and what the application actually does is just acts like a bathroom mirror. Basically your screen steams up and you can wipe off the steam with your fingers, blow on the iPhone and the steam will move away and you can also shake the phone around to refresh the steam. It makes use of many aspects of the iPhone and even allows you to use multitouch too on the screen.

Cool…. and it’s free at the moment, so check it out now.

Product Page Via: Coated


  1. masudur rahman says

    Hang up with best thing !!!!

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