Steampunk Monopoly DIY

steampunk-electric-monopoly-diyMonopoly is a classic game and over the last few years a number of different versions can be found from UK versions to make your own versions and on to the more modern chip and pin versions. This version goes a different route in that it has been created as a Steampunk Monopoly board.

steampunk-electric-monopoly-diyThe Steampunk Monopoly has a water tower which is used as the Water Company, it has a ray gun for chance cards and a steampunk train station for the 4 stations. Switches can be found under some of the places which trigger events to happen. It certainly does make the flat boarded monopoly a bit more entertaining.

The Steampunk Monopoly is a DIY project, so you wont find it in the shops. The good news (if you like this type of stuff) is that you can build your own by following instructions over at instructables.

Via: Walyou

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