LED Lighting saves 80% Power for Home

led_home_lightingA family based in Japan have placed an order that will see their home powered by LED lighting only. The saving….. 80% cheaper on power consumption.

Their house is currently under constriction and measures 221 sq. meters and will have around 150 lights in there. If they use the lighting for 10 years then that will represent a massive saving on their electricity bill.

Another cool feature about the LED lights is that they use a technology built by Sharpe named Plasmacluster Ion Technology which apparently fights any viri or bacteria found in the air. So not only do they save 80% on their electricity bill, they also wont have to make trips to the Dr’s as much making even more of a saving.

Although this information wasn’t the most worthy of breaking news stories… it still highlights the savings that can be had if you make slight adjustments to something small like lighting.

Via: CrunchGear

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