Napkins Calendar – Recyclable

365-napkins-calendarThose tear away type calendars could be viewed by some as a waste of paper, and therefore, not green. For this reason the napkin calendars have been created.

napkins-calendarThe napkin calendars are marked up with each day of the year. When the day is over you then use the napkin for blowing your nose on. If you don’t need to blow your nose every day then you could use it for jotting down notes etc…

The napkin calendar was designed by a Russian bloke named Stas Aki and is still just a concept idea. I foresee a few problems though… what happens when it’s a leap year (you’ll be one nose blow short) and what happens if you need to wipe your nose twice? You’ll be another one short for the day… hmmmm.


Via: TechChee

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