iPhone Trapster Prevents Speeding Tickets

iphone-trapsterA new application for the iPhone has been released. The app is named Trapster and it attempts to prevent you from getting speeding tickets while out and about.

The free application tracks you with GPS and represents you as a dot on a map. If you see a police officer with a speeding radar gun, you simply tap the screen. The software then alerts all other Trapster users in the area to the whereabouts of the speeding camera.

As this system relies on the honesty of people updating the system it might be questionable as to the accuracy. Maybe it only works if two users confirm the camera in the same spot… which would then mean a lot of users have to use this system to make it effective given the potential amount of cameras that are dotted about the city.

With it being free it has the potential to save you money if you avoid getting a ticket, but you just need to be sure that you are not the first to tag the camera. It might be best you just decide not to speed then all will be good!

Via: Switched


  1. Hat das Gerät eine Rader oder Laserwarner oder ist das selbe wie im Radio nur über das Iphone

  2. Great review on this app. I’ve had it for a couple weeks now and it definitely does an excellent job of telling you caution areas — where red light cameras, cop hiding spots and even where live cops are.

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