Solar Cable Car – DIY

solar-cable-carIf you are a fan of building paper model kits yourself then pick up one of these Solar Cable car’s. This kit allows you to build your own solar powered cable car.

I have no real idea of why you’d actually need a solar powered miniature cable car, but if you are a cable car fanatic then maybe this would suit you. The cable car comes supplied with a solar panel so it can chug along the cable (provided). When the car gets to the end of the rope it is sent back the other way and continues to do so till it gets dark.

The solar cable car costs $18.95 and is available from Scientifics Online.

Via: Random Good Stuff


  1. Chris at LG says

    Nice idea – why don’t they do it for real-life cable cars as well? Even on cloudy days they would be able to work, I think.

  2. There’s a ton of stuff that solar energy could be used for. I think the actual real cable cars might use a system where the ones going down generate power for the ones going up. I’m no expert in cable cars though 🙂

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