Sony PSP2 Concept Design

psp2-conceptThe Sony PSP2 hasn’t been spoken of too much around here, but no doubt Sony will introduce it one day in the future. A designer named Tai Cheim has created some concept designs that look very good. The idea behind them is to use a flexible screen that changes to being rigid when rolled out so that you get a nice large flat screen that can be stored in little space.

The display is a flexible OLED that rolls out of a PSP2 that’s in the shape of a tube. When fully extended an electrical charge will be used to make the screen rigid and flat, ready for use. On the PSP2 sides you will find a left and a right speaker to pump out the sound.

We know that roll up screens have been created and that colour roll up screens are being developed… so this idea is technically possible although I am not sure if the electric charge to make the PSP2 screen rigid will work as desired.

Still a great idea though as it allows for a larger screen to be squashed in to a smaller space.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets


  1. nobrainerdeals says

    Love the design but cant see how the controls are ergonomic. I can see my hand cramping from playing with it.

  2. Concept Design says

    The design is excellent that’s for sue, but i completely agree wit the above comment,it may be a little tough on the hands.

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