Rockstar Baby Kit – Gaming Clothes

baby-gamer-gearMany parents these days are gamers and some of them want their children to grow up just link them. Why not start them off loving games early by buying them this set of baby gaming clothes.

The baby gaming clothes named the Rockstar Baby Kit features clothing just for infants with space invaders on the front with a bib sporting a picture of a joystick. I can imagine the looks you would get for making your baby wear these clothes… people would just shake their head and think “oh no”.

The Rockstar baby kit only costs $5.99 though, so it’s still a cheap outfit if your wanting to save a bit of cash.

Via: OhGizmo


  1. Chris at LG says

    Very cute – I can see this appealing to a certain set of parents. But when the kids grow up they’ll be wondering what Space Invaders is no doubt…

  2. Uncle tater says

    ok im sold were can i get it i want it for my sisters baby.
    hopefuly before cristmas

  3. bébé says

    salut, symp ton blog ! vraiment agréable de lire tes bilets. pour en revenir à ce billet, oarfois certaines parenthèses en disent ien + que le reste de la phrasee: so it’s still a cheap outfit if your wanting to save a bit of cash 🙂

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