Asus Touch-screen Laptop

asus-touchscreen-laptopThis new Asus laptop is rumoured to be completely touch-screen, meaning the actual screen as well as where they keyboard would normally be found. The bottom touch-screen completely replaces the physical QWERTY keyboard that we are familiar with.

The new laptop from Asus is also rumoured to be made available 2010 when the latest Windows 7 operating system might be launched. The main problem of having two screens is the amount of battery power required to run this thing. Although any battery will run it, the problem with two screens is that a regular capacity battery would be drained far quicker then normal.

I do like the idea of a touch-screen keyboard, but they obviously have their drawbacks such as the lack of decent tactile feedback. A lot can change in a couple of years though and a better feedback system may become available.

Via: TechChee

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