Mio Knight Rider GPS

mio-knight-rider-gpsThe Knight Rider GPS is a “gimmicky” satnav unit that uses the voice of William Daniels (original KITT voice) to provide directions to the driver.

Crunch Gear have got their hands on a review model for this to give it a test.

I’ve been using this GPS for a short while now, and even once the novelty of pretending to drive KITT wears off ” especially when your car doesn’t respond when you say ‘Kitt, I need you pal! into your wristwatch ” the voice of KITT is surprisingly pleasant and enjoyable. If for some reason you do grow weary of William Daniels giving you directions, you can select the generic Male and Female voices.

Check out the full review over at CrunchGear.


  1. Wow! K.I.T.T. as my GPS, I’m sold. My brother has a Tomtom and he got a load of celebrity voices from Navtones.com but I think when I get the Knight Rider GPS I will be putting his Mr. T and Dennis Hopper to shame. Navtones is powering the voice on the Knight Rider GPS so I know it is going to be good and the real thing.

  2. Gadget Living says

    Yeah, but if it won’t make your car drive at break-neck speed to save you from the baddies what’s the point? Just kidding!

    I think I’d end up switching back to the generic voice after a while but it’s a cute gimmick.

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