Archives for April 2008

7 Port USB Hub

rotary-hubThe USB rotary hub is fairly unique as it has 7 flexible hi-speed ports which are capable of rotating 90 degrees. [Read more…]

Wi-Fi Detecting Watch

wifi-watchThe Wi-Fi detecting watch does exactly what it says on the tin… It detects Wi-Fi signals. This might not be too useful to those with wi-fi smartphones, but for those not wanting to whip out their laptop every time they need a Wi-Fi signal, this is ideal. [Read more…]

Solid Ink created by Xerox

xerox_solid_inkSolid and Ink doesn’t seem like the most likely combination you think of. However, this technology is not new and has been around since 1991. The more conventional ink printer uses liquid ink which is pushed through little jets on to the page. This type of printing is quite wasteful although it might not seem like it at first. [Read more…]

HP Mini Note Aluminium Laptop

hp_mininoteA nice range of ultra portable laptops have been showing up around places recently. The Asus EEE PC was one which took the world by storm with it’s low price tag. The next in line is the HP Mini Note which has a high res 1280 x 768 display that measures 8.9″. [Read more…]

USB Duplicator Copies 60 Times at Once

usb-duplicatorUSB drive duplicators seem to be popping up a bit more often these last few months. The last one we wrote about was capable of doing 20 simultaneous copies from a single drive. This new one is capable of creating 60 duplicates. [Read more…]

USB Washing Machine and Alarm

USB-Washing-MachineA ton of weird and wonderful ideas have been created because of the good old USB ports found on every PC and laptop that have been made over the last 10 years. The latest crazy idea is a USB Washing Machine alarm clock. [Read more…]

Playing Mario Tunes with an RC Car and Bottles

mario_tunes_rc_carThe very familiar Mario theme tune has now been created in a very different way. This latest version of the song uses a few hundred bottles filled at different levels to create notes. [Read more…]

WiFi Signal Booster – 600%

wifi_signal_booster_adapterYou might have seen a few WiFi signal boosters around which were hacked together from baked bean cans or other similar items. If hackery is not your expertise then this WiFi signal booster comes ready made for you to increase your wifi signal by 600%. [Read more…]

Articulating Faucet from Kohler

bendable_kitchen_faucetThe articulating faucet is made by Kohler and can twist around to suit any bucket filling situation. The faucet is made of Carbon to make it durable and lightweight. [Read more…]

Self Destructing DVDs

For those James Bond/secret agent diehards, here is a little something that will bring an element of the movies to your home….well kind of… no visible destruction /cinematic explosions, but these self destruct dvd-d disk’s are bringing an element of mission:impossible to our living rooms. [Read more…]

SOLo Lounge Table

The SOLo Table was created by Intelligent Forms Design, and has a number of handy features that gadget users would be able to use daily. The SOLo is like a coffee table which has the ability to charge your gadgets. It is powered by sunlight and has connections for most types of laptops, cameras and other electronic devices. [Read more…]

Sawed-Off USB Flash Drive

The Sawed-Off USB flash drive is a great looking custom built and hacked together device. It was built over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and uses a 1 GB Kingmax USB drive along with a bit of silicone and an old USB cable. [Read more…]