Archives for April 2008

Digital Wireless Child Tracker

Keeping an eye on your children at all times when out is essential for their safety. This digital wireless child tracker provides another step in helping keep your children safe. [Read more…]

USB Battery Charger – Worlds Smallest?

A ton of devices use the good old AA or AAA type batteries and you can never have enough of them spare around your home. This latest device utilizes your USB port on your laptop or PC and allows you to use that power to charge the batteries while on the move. [Read more…]

Tame – Answers your Phone for You

This cool little device is named “Tame” and is a concept device which attaches to your mobile phone. Tame is a cube which handles auto responses for your mobile phone while you are busy. [Read more…]

Van Der Led WM2 GSM Watch

This mobile phone watch actually looks like it might be good to wear. Most of the other mobile phone watches just look a little chunky and awkward. [Read more…]

Dual Screen LCD Display

This new dual screen LCD monitor setup from Samsung is an interesting concept. Two screens are supplied with the setup with the first primary screen measuring 22 inches while the secondary screen measures just 7 inches. [Read more…]

Fridge Magnets turn High Tech

Digital photo frames and fridge magnets don’t tend to end up in the same sentence. That is until now. A company named ThumbsUp have created a digital photo frame fridge magnet. [Read more…]

Nokia Camera phone Language Translator

Nokia recently showcased a cool app for Nokia mobile phones. The app is named shoot-to-translate and it is capable of translating from Chinese to English by taking a photo of the Chinese text that you want to read. [Read more…]

HP 2133 Review

The 2133 from HP has made it’s way to reviewers for the first time. managed to get their hands on a review unit and the results are good! Two versions will be released with price points of $749 for the higher spec dropping down to $550 for a lower spec machine. [Read more…]

Uber Cool 3D LED Cube

A company in China has created a seriously cool looking 3D cube. You might wonder what is cool about a 3D cube… well, this one has 4096 LED’s inside to generate 3D images in multi colour. [Read more…]

Triforce Touch Screen Pointer

If you carry around a mobile phone or PDA with a touch screen then you will be aware of how fiddly a stylus can be in some situations. Sometimes it just isn’t practical to whip out the little pen to start tapping away on the small links and scroll bars of the screen. [Read more…]

Touch Screen Digital Door Lock – Warns of Fire

The Luce by Samsung is a one of a kind door lock which has an integrated touch screen. [Read more…]

3500 Watts from this Solar Charger

Power is the essential ingredient of many peoples lives. With out it, most of the daily essentials that we have become so used to, just stop working. [Read more…]