Solid Ink created by Xerox

xerox_solid_inkSolid and Ink doesn’t seem like the most likely combination you think of. However, this technology is not new and has been around since 1991. The more conventional ink printer uses liquid ink which is pushed through little jets on to the page. This type of printing is quite wasteful although it might not seem like it at first. The solid ink can accomplish the same job but by using 90% less ink which is incredible. It works by the printer melting the solid ink as and when needed, this ink then drops on to a drum which is then transferred to the paper by heat and pressure. Come to think of it, it sounds a lot like the old thermal wax printers from around that time. Maybe it is… does anybody know?

Xerox is hoping to push this technology again and plan to release a few printer models in the next year which will use solid ink as the consumable. Will it take off? Quite possibly if they can get image quality good at 90% cheaper then ink cartridges. I some how think that prices will be quite high though.

Via: UberReview

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