WiFi Signal Booster – 600%

wifi_signal_booster_adapterYou might have seen a few WiFi signal boosters around which were hacked together from baked bean cans or other similar items. If hackery is not your expertise then this WiFi signal booster comes ready made for you to increase your wifi signal by 600%.

The dish adapter is Hi-Gain and can extend signals a huge amount compared to some boosters. What this does is two things. You can either connect from a super long distance away to your wifi network, or at the same time, take advantage of a super strong signal which in turn, keeps data transfer speeds as quick as they should be.

The dish supports WiFi b,g and n and also supports all the regular encryption services such as WEP, WPA and WPA2 helping you to keep things secure from your long distance away. The adapter plugs in to your USB port and also has a dual-antenna.

The WiFi Signal Booster is available over at Amazon and currently on sale with just over 40% off.

Via: SlipperyBrick

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