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RC Speed Boat Challenge Track

The RC Speed Boat Challenge is a portable inflatable track built for remote controlled speed boats. The purpose of the track is to allow you and friends to set up a “challenge” track to race your boats against each other. [Read more…]

Sharp D4 Runs Windows Vista

Intel announced a new line of processors called Atom a few months ago. The processors were specifically designed for Mobile Internet Devices and can reach speeds of up to 1.87GHz currently. [Read more…]

Watch sports Windows Mobile 5

Epoq have created what they (and we) believe to be the first watch that runs Windows Mobile 5. The EQP-WP98B has a fairly small OLED touch screen along with 1.28GB memory, wi-fi, bluetooth, VoIP and handwriting recognition. That’s a fairly hefty list considering it all fits in a watch. [Read more…]

Crazy Gameboy Boots

Fashion is something we do not normally cover here at gadgetvenue… but when someone decides to stick an old school Nintendo Gameboy from the 1990’s on to a pair of boots, I just had to mention it. [Read more…]

Organic LEDs in Wallpaper

A breakthrough by GE (General Electric) in OLED technology could now see organic LED’s being printed on to wallpaper. GE managed to find a way to allow OLED’s to be printed on to very thin surfaces. [Read more…]

Microsoft Surface now at AT&T

According to BGR, five surface PC’s from Microsoft were put on preview at AT&T stores yesterday. The surface PC’s will be used to allow customers to search for information about their phones as well as being able to browse around a map to see network coverage. [Read more…]

Home Made Scientific Calculator Watch

A guy named Dave Jones has created some seriously geeky scientific calculator wrist watch. The watch was built from standard off the shelf components and can perform a variety of RPN/Algebraic scientific functions. [Read more…]

3 USB Modem Review – First Impressions

When 3MobileBuzz contacted me a couple of weeks back and offered a 3 USB Modem for review, I jumped at the chance. A USB modem has been on my list of things to buy for a few months now, although I have always held back being unsure how good they actually are and how much data will I actually eat through each month. Now that I have my 3 USB Modem I can happily test this… for 3 whole months. [Read more…]

Intova Waterproof Aluminum LED Torch Flashlight

Honestly when I first realized had sent a torch for us to review I was a little miffed, as a gadget site I was expecting something more, well gadgety.

Simply put this LED torch is amazingly efficient, the light output from the single 3 watt Luxeon LED is like nothing I’ve seen from any other LED bulb. [Read more…]

Etiquette Checker helps you spot Bad Breath

If you are self concious and need to carry a USB Mirror Card Reader around, then you might as well get an Etiquette Checker to go along with your purchase. [Read more…]

USB Mirror Card Reader

The USB Mirror card reader is another crazy type gadget which mixes together a beauty type mirror with a card reader. It’s not the first thing that would come to your mind if asked to mix two items in to one. [Read more…]

Sooloos – for Home Entertainment

Sooloos have created a new music system for the home which can be adapted to suit any situation. If you have a one room home then this is for you. If you have a mansion, then this is also for you. [Read more…]