USB Duplicator Copies 60 Times at Once

usb-duplicatorUSB drive duplicators seem to be popping up a bit more often these last few months. The last one we wrote about was capable of doing 20 simultaneous copies from a single drive. This new one is capable of creating 60 duplicates. A flash drive duplicator probably isn’t what your average person would need in their home due to flash drive being expensive (if you need to buy 60 of them) and no real purpose. However, if you are organising an event and giving away press packs to visitors then this is the perfect way to get your message out to a ton of people and speed up the duplication process.

The device is named the Virtual Console USB Duplicator and it claims to be the fastest on the market with it’s ability to copy 60 1GB flash drives in just over 2 minutes. If encryption is needed then this can also be done on the fly at 128-bit AES levels with individual encryption keys handed out for each separate drive.

It’s a nice looking device and if you are in the market for flash drive duplicators then it’s well worth checking out.

Via: SlipperyBrick


  1. This would be ideal for work, unable to find out where to buy one or the cost.

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