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Could ASUS Ship a $200 Netbook? Perhaps with the Help of Google!

Although it has never succeeded in getting prices down to $200, we now hear that ASUS are yet again attempting to get the netbook down to the $200 to $250 price point.

ASUS is attempting to drop the price due to competition from the new generation tablets such as the Galaxy Tab, iPad and Motorola Xoom to name a few. Since the launch of the iPad, netbook sales have slowly dropped as people seem to prefer the mobile phone type operating system on a 7 to 10 inch screen for “lazy time browsing”. By pricing a netbook at $200 to $250, it would position the 10 inch netbook at just below the price of regular tablets and in doing this, could help boost sales so that the company hits its 6 million goal this year. [Read more…]

Chrome OS Cr-48 Netbook Hacked to Run Windows and OS X

Google launched the first Chrome OS netbook recently. It was called the Cr-48 and was not available to buy, but instead sent out to a number of lucky people, including developers, so that those using it could test and report back to Google how the new operating system performs.

One person has managed to hack the Cr-48 and has now installed alternative operating systems which includes a version of Windows as well as OS X. [Read more…]

60,000 Google Chrome OS Netbooks To Ship

The Google Chrome OS netbook was announced yesterday in the shape of the Cr-48 testing device. We now hear that 60,000 of them are being prepared for the initial (perhaps complete) shipment to those who managed to get lucky and register for the beta.

The netbooks form part of the Chrome OS Pilot program that is about to launch in the US although no official release dates are known at the moment. [Read more…]

Google Chrome OS Netbook – The Cr-48 Announced

Google [GOOG] has announced the first official Chrome OS netbook. The new Chrome netbook is to be called the Cr-48 and will be launching as part of a Pilot program in limited numbers prior to the official launch in 2011.

The Google Cr-48 is only available to a select amount of users which includes those who took part in a survey on Facebook, those who register their interest who are US based (these might get one) and all those that attended the Chrome OS event last night. [Read more…]

Google Chrome OS Netbook Could Be Announced Today

Today is the day that is rumoured to announce the Google branded Chrome OS netbook.

Invites were sent out last week by Google inviting press to a “Chrome Event”. [Read more…]

Google Chrome OS Netbook Launch Date – 7th December?

The Google Chrome OS netbook release date could be as early as the 7th December. Google [GOOG] sent out invitations last night to a press event called a Chrome event. Just prior to that, Engadget had heard rumours that the Chrome OS netbook would be unveiled/launched on the 7th. AllThingsD also reported similar news although they mentioned the Chrome Web Store being launched. [Read more…]

Google Chrome OS Netbooks Internal Code Names Found

Google [GOOG] is about to launch some Google Chrome OS netbooks, perhaps in December but more than likely in the early months of 2011.

By digging around, TechCrunch managed to find some hints about the internal code names for netbooks being tested. The names “Mario” and “Andretti” both appear multiples of times, and even more so from October onwards, in bug reports posted on the Internet. [Read more…]

Dell Inspiron Duo 10 inch Netbook / Tablet Hybrid Demoed

Dell has demoed a rather crazy looking convertible netbook/tablet device. The new device is called the Dell Inspiron Duo 10 (we think…) and has a screen that swivels around to make the netbook in to a tablet form factor.

Rather than using a central hinge attached to the base of the netbook, this particular model has a screen frame that has two contact points at each time. The screen then rotates within the frame which can then be folded back down as needed which puts the screen on the outside of the device. [Read more…]

Apple iPad Causes ASUS to Lower 3Q10 Netbook Shipments

The iPad has been very successful for Apple [AAPL] with 3,000,000 selling in the first 80 days of launch. This high number of sales has effected netbook sales.

Thanks to Apple, ASUS is having to lower it’s 3rd quarter 2010 shipments to 1.4 from 1.5 million the previous quarter. The 2nd quarter was also down from the 1st quarter which was 1.6 million. Normally, shipments would be starting to rise in time for Christmas, so it will be interesting to see what happens there. [Read more…]

Google Nexus Two and Google Branded Chrome OS Netbook Not Happening

Google [GOOG] was asked recently if a Google Nexus Two Android device was going to launch. In short, the answer is no. The details came from an interview with Eric Schmidt where he was asked about the possibility of a Nexus Two smartphone branded by Google.

The reason for not creating a Nexus Two is due to how successful the Nexus One was, not in terms of how many sold, but more of moving hardware developers on to creating better hardware. We have certainly seen an amazing set of Android smartphones launch after the Nexus One, so in that respect we agree with them about that.

It is also believed that a Google branded Chrome OS netbook also wont be happening. Reasons for this is that the PC industry is used to working with Microsoft (a strong software provider) which means the hardware is more up to scratch unlike how Google felt about the Android hardware prior to the Nexus One. [Read more…]

ASUS Eee 1215N Multimedia Netbook Announced

ASUS has announced the ASUS Eee PC 1215N. The new 12 inch netbook is classed as falling in to the multimedia category. It comes with an Intel Atom D525 processor inside along with a next generation NVIDIA ION graphics processor that allows for higher performance in terms of graphics to be achieved.

The Intel Atom D525 is actually a dual-core processor allowing it to handle tasks more comfortably than the previous single core models.

The NVIDIA ION graphics processor allows for 1080p video to be played back on the 1366 x 768 screen without problems or glitches according to the press release. [Read more…]

ASUS Eee 1201PN 12.1 Inch Netbook Now Shipping

The ASUS Eee 1201PN 12.1 inch netbook is now shipping at Amazon.

The new netbook costs $484 currently which give it a $15.99 saving from the list price.

Features included in the ASUS 1201PN show it has an Intel Atom N450 CPU running at 1.66GHz. It runs on the NVIDIA ION 2 graphics platform. [Read more…]