Google Chrome OS Netbook Launch Date – 7th December?

The Google Chrome OS netbook release date could be as early as the 7th December. Google [GOOG] sent out invitations last night to a press event called a Chrome event. Just prior to that, Engadget had heard rumours that the Chrome OS netbook would be unveiled/launched on the 7th. AllThingsD also reported similar news although they mentioned the Chrome Web Store being launched.

It is believed that when it is launched, there will be about 65,000 units available for sale (this is the Google branded version we are talking about here) and that it will go to Google’s closest friends and family rather than being publicly available.

The OS is very much in Beta still, hence the very small user base able to get hold of it. So, although Chrome OS and a netbook branded by Google are launching this coming Tuesday, the actual Chrome OS netbook release date could still be a bit away yet.

We’ll watch out for this one on Tuesday and bring all the details as they happen.


  1. Considering Google’s track record, I hope the beta is not going to run for eternity! 😛

    Anyways, considering that the Andrioid OS is doing well in the tablet market, why launch yet another OS?

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