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Windows XP on New Netbooks Wont Happen after October 22

Microsoft [MSFT] has sent out reminders to OEM’s around the globe that as of October 22 this year, Windows XP will no longer be available to install on Netbooks.

OEM’s after that date will need to start using operating systems from the Windows 7 line starting with Windows 7 Starter that has been designed specifically for devices like netbooks.

Windows XP has been out a long time now. The Microsoft OS launched in August 2001 and has been very popular among laptops and computers for a number of years. Microsoft is ending support for it soon though with XP service pack 2 support ending next month. However, XP SP3 support will go on till April 2014 at which point you should have upgraded by then anyway. [Read more…]

Google Chrome OS Netbook to Launch in the Fall

We heard yesterday that Google [GOOG] was planning on launching Chrome OS this fall. When launched the OS will be made available as a download.

We also learn today that the first Chrome OS netbook will also be available also in the fall. News is VERY sketchy at the moment though. The information doesn’t come as a big surprise though as we already know Google has detailed the requirements for a Chrome OS netbook. The big question is who will be the first. Digitimes believes Acer will be first to launch a Google Chrome OS netbook in the fall. We had heard rumours just a few weeks back that Acer would be showing off the first Chrome OS netbook at Computex this week, but Acer responded saying it was incorrect information. [Read more…]

Intel Canoe Lake Ultra Thin Netbook Designs on Show

On Monday, Intel announced it’s next generation Intel Atom processor. The new processor is called Intel Canoe Lake and due to cooling methods used within, it allows for ultra thin netbooks to be created.

It is important to note here that the netbooks on show are just design references to show end users what is potentially possible. When companies do launch netbooks with the new processors inside you can expect to see 14 – 15mm thin netbooks running an Intel Canoe Lake processor along with a 10.1 inch screen and a 1280 x 1080 display and Windows 7. [Read more…]

Intel Canoe Lake can Halve Netbook Thickness

Intel is working on a new generation of Atom chips, this time called Canoe Lake. The new CPU’s aim to halve the thickness of netbooks with possibilities of just half an inch being achievable.

The downside of the new Intel Canoe Lake is that there won’t be much more power than the current Intel Atom’s used although the slimmer design makes netbooks slightly thicker than an iPhone possible.

The new CPU platform uses thermal cooling rather than fans and this is what allows the netbook to be slimmer. What the thermal cooling also achieves is a netbook that also runs cooler than what we see today. [Read more…]

Wortmann Terra Mobile 1020Go Netbook Launched

Wortmann has launched a new netbook called the Wortmann Terra Mobile 1020Go. The company isn’t really big in the netbook business and not really a company we have heard of before.

Either way, the Terra Mobile 1020Go packs the usual features which includes an Intel Atom N450 processor running at 1.66GHz. It has a 10.1 inch screen that is backlit by LED. Memory wise it has 1GB of RAM and for storage it has a 160GB hard disk drive.

Wireless LAN on the netbook can connect to 802.11b/g networks. The netbook uses the NM10 Express Chipset along with Intel GMA3150 integrated graphics. [Read more…]

Dell Latitude 2110 Netbook Launched

Dell has announced and launched the new Dell Latitude 2110 that is a netbook aimed at business users.

The new netbook has a 10.1 inch screen running either a 1024 x 600 or 1366 x 768 pixel display depending on the option you choose when purchasing. As well as being able to choose between two screen resolutions when purchasing, you can also opt for a touchscreen. Powering the netbook is a 1.83GHz Intel Atom N470 processor and powering the graphics side of things is a Broadcom Crystal HD Accelerator that can support resolutions of up to 1080p playback.

Memory wise, it has 1GB and for storage there are several options which include a 16GB or 64GB solid state drive (SSD) or a 160GB/250GB hard drive. [Read more…]

Google Chrome OS Netbooks to Cost $300 – $400

Details of the Google Chrome OS netbook have been revealed by the CEO of Google [GOOG] Eric Schmidt. The price we should expect to pay for netbooks running the Chrome OS will be in the 300 – 400 dollar price range with those prices being led by the proce of processors, glass and other components needed to make it run.

The price of the netbooks are all of what we just mentioned as there is no cost to using the Chrome OS other than the technology required to run it. Google make their revenues by other means rather than selling software licences. In the video below we also hear that Google want carriers to bundle the netbooks with contracts to get them out there at a lower start cost. [Read more…]

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3s Netbook Announced

Along with the announcement of the Lenovo C200 all-in-one PC, Lenovo also have announced the Lenovo S10-3s netbook (pictured above and below). The S10-3s runs an Intel Atom processor (up to an N470 depending on what model you choose).

The screen on the S10 netbook measures 10.1 inches and is high-def at a resolution of 1280×720. A lower res version is also available that has a 1024×600 resolution. Each screen is in a 16:9 widescreen format.

The graphics chip on the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3s is an on-board Intel GMA 3150 chip. Memory wise the IdeaPad comes supplied with 2GB of DDR2 DRAM running at 533Mhz. [Read more…]

ASUS Eee 1005PE 11 to 14 Hour Netbook On Sale

Amazon have a few ASUS Eee 1005PE netbooks on sale with some small savings of what looks to be around $20/unit in some cases. Although not the best of discounts we normally see at Amazon, it’s still a deal to get you one of them a little cheaper.

Depending on which model you choose you get either an 11 hour battery or a 14 hour battery to allow longer usage between charges.

Each ASUS 1005PE netbook has a 10.1 inch screen. The processor running the netbook is an Intel Atom N450 clocked at 1.66GHz. This newer CPU allows for better performance than it’s previous versions and also gives slightly better battery life due to the efficiency of it. [Read more…]

LG X140 Netbook with Intel Atom N470 Clears FCC

LG have passed another netbook to the FCC recently. The latest gaining approval is the LG X140 that features an Intel Atom N470 processor that runs at 1.83GHz.

Other features included in the X140 netbook include wireless connectivity at 801.11b/g/n speeds along with Bluetooth. The LG netbook will run Windows 7 Starter Edition when launched and will have a few names depending on spec and location which are the LGX14, LGX14A, XB140 and the XD140.

The screen on the X140 netbook measures 10.1 inches and is said to have a HD resolution we believe 1366 x 780. [Read more…]

ASUS Eee T101MT Netbook Tablet to Launch April 2010 in Europe

For a while now we have waited for the launch of the ASUS Eee PC T101MT netbook tablet device. The MT refers to the devices multi-touch capabilities.

The launch date is now getting closer with ASUS announcing that the ASUS T101MT will be made available in Europe during April (next month). When launched it will cost ‚¬499. Information from the netbook blog Liliputing has also commented saying the US launch is also going to be next month where it will cost $499. The T101MT has a 10.1 inch screen and runs the Windows 7 Starter Edition operating system although the exact hardware specifications have not been revealed just yet. [Read more…]

ASUS Eee Netbooks to get USB 3.0 as Standard

ASUS [2357] have announced that they are pushing USB 3.0 in a big way by including the standard on each and every Eee PC that they make from now on. As well as creating Eee PC USB 3.0 netbooks the company will also include USB 3.0 ports on ASUS PC’s and the Eee Box devices.

This move will help bring the new USB 3.0 faster standard in to mainstream although it could be a while till hard drives and other hardware can keep up with those speeds.

“Asustek also claimed that the PLX high-speed transmission chip that the company adopts on its motherboard can boost the transmission speed of its USB 3.0 technology to 74.38% faster than its competitors.”

[Read more…]